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Phase 1: The Proposal

A College Senior Project 

Owlsat: Oregon's First Satellite 

     Cubesat is considered as a miniaturized satellite for space research is about 4in x 4in x 4.5in and doesn't weigh more than 1.33kg per unit. OreSat is a version of the CubeSat satellite and is a program being led by Portland State University to be the first satellite to be made by the state of Oregon. California Polytechnic State University and Standford University developed the specifications for the CubeSat in 1999.

     OwlSat is a project that's mission is to develop a payload that is going to be included on the OreSat and be launched in the winter of 2021. The payload we are developing is a LiDAR detection system that will be able to detect space debris in low earth orbit.

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